Comhar Wooden Top Standing Desk – Automated Home

Sitting is the new smoking apparently so we were intrigued when FlexiSpot offered to send us their EW8M Comhar Standing Desk to try in the Automated Home.

The Desk

The desk arrived in two fairly flat boxes and there’s a simple 3-step build process to attach the powder coated steel legs to the top and then connect the power. There’s some adjustability in the feet to help level uneven surfaces too.

The Comhar is a modern looking desk with a wooden top with rounded edges, 120 cm wide and 60 cm deep and with a weight capacity of 50 kg it can hold (and lift) even the largest of PCs and displays.

It has a range of motion which provides a desk height from around 72 cm to 120 cm. You can save up to four different custom heights which, as well as giving you the option to sit and stand, can provide a comfortable working platform for different members of the family too.

A quick jab of the up or down arrow will adjust the desk height by 1 mm at a time. The lift motor comes with an AC adaptor and the motor is relatively quiet.

USB Charging


On the front edge of the desk, to the right of the height controls, there are 3 handy USB charging ports set below the desk surface (2 x USB-A, 1 x USB-C) which provides a neat way to keep you phone or other mobile device juiced up.

The Drawer

The useful built in drawer to the left of the charging ports has internal measurements of approximately 67 cm wide x 32 cm deep x 4 cm high.

Summing Up

We found ourselves splitting our time around 50:50 between standing and sitting at the desk. That flexibility, along with its compact dimensions means it’s idea in a bedroom or other small room. That’s especially useful as more and more of us are looking to re-purpose those areas into a working from home space.

The Comhar EW8 is a well built quality desk and is available now from flexispot.

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